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What to Sell on Amazon - Finding Profitable Products

26-Wednesday-02-2020 02:52

So here you are, ready to set up your Amazon account and start selling. It goes without saying, you have hopes for high earnings and broad business perspectives. What do you need to know now? The most crucial question is what to sell on Amazon. Kicking off the new initiative is never easy, but if you have in mind a bunch of professional tips and some additional information, it will make the whole process smoother and more pleasurable.

best items to sell on amazon

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

As we know, the list of products to sell on Amazon is almost never-ending. Knowing that, it’s easy to become confused and make intuitive choices that are not necessarily leading to financial success. Fortunately, various statistics know the game and are able to specify the best things to sell on Amazon. Let’s check them out! 

Clothing and accessories

People will always be crazy about clothing shopping. Buying clothes with home shipment is usually at lower prices than in the store. That's only one of the reasons why online market will overtake traditional sales.  

Cosmetics, hair and skin care

This group is jam-packed, but among many things to sell on Amazon, a spare place for cosmetics is surely available. It's best to set your eye on the quality of your cosmetics if you want to stand out from the crowd. 


What to sell on Amazon to make money? Nowadays, nothing is more needed than electronics. In this category, Amazon's products rule the market, having the majority of items for sale of its own production.

what can i sell on amazon

Health, nutrition, supplements

In the infinite search for the best health products, sooner or later we will end up on Amazon. That's not surprising! Each of us will have a health issue at least once in our lives, and looking for the best resources online is not a crime! 

Home Decor and garden

Another sort of necessary product. Arranging the most beautiful home and the garden looks come with some effort, but each of us is willing to put it into needed shopping, and later brag about the best visual outcome. 

Toys and games

Be smart and check out what actually sells on the market. We all know that kids make a huge, influential part of society. Video, games, and toys online are picking up some serious steam lately.


Still wondering what to sell on Amazon? Among many popular options, this one is sure, knowing that dogs are humans best friends. Pets' food, toys, and others will keep being popular, and the market needs good products, so feel invited to share novelties to Amazon's marketplace. 

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon - 3 Steps 

Make good money on Amazon with these three steps. Setting up your Amazon account is not all, you still need to overcome many struggles with the efficiency of sales. Finding the right product is one of them. Best products to sell on Amazon are at hand. Do your homework well, because increasing your revenue will be a result.

  1. Do your research on Amazon Using IO Scout Product research tool . This one can be conducted manually. 
  2. Can you see a gap in the market? Use it to enter with power!
  3. Find products with low competition. If the market is already saturated, you won't be as successful.

Final Thoughts

How to efficiently browse an online reality and figure out what's the best option for a good sale on Amazon? To enter the best niche, and, first of all, find out what to sell on Amazon, you'll need to do the necessary research. It's worth paying attention to this initial phase, it can provide the best foundation for your business online.


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