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Jumpsend Review : the proven Amazon tool that will jumpstart your brand

10-Monday-02-2020 11:49

So you just launched a great new product at a decent price, say $20 but no sales and no feedback comments. Worse, you are facing lots of competition around the same price point. How does one get natural revenue in right away and win feedback to keep revenue coming? JumpSend is the answer. In May 2019, JumpSend became incorporated into Jungle Scout & was renamed “Launch.” Time to take an incisive look at the perky offerings that JumpSend Amazon holds.

What is JumpSend?

JumpSend is a program that helps amazon sellers generate more revenue in sales through the use of promotional codes and discounts, enabling them to win more favorable feedback and poor feedback to generate more sales.


Jumpsend: What are its features?

JumpSend has two features. One is a launching platform for disbursing coupons and driving sales to your amazon product, while the other is an email autoresponder, which integrates with Amazon Seller Central to automate your amazon emails. Both features provide immense value and that is why JumpSend commands a broad user base.

Taking a deep dive into how to unlock the full potential of JumpSend, JumpSend has a market constituting an existing Amazon customer base of 100, 000+ customers hustling, bustling, and rampaging for deals. They usually search and screen deals by price, discount ratio, and search term, or classification, ultimately striking a great bargain in the end. JumpSend then assists and ensure that the item remains profitable by communicating with the buyer, by means of autoresponder to heighten your chances of getting a review. So, to take on big-name sellers and rake higher revenues using JumpSend, you may:

  1. Do Facebook ads to send people to your itemlisting
  2. Do Amazon ads to send buyers to your item listing
  3. Do promos or give-aways online

Leveraging JumpSend for better feedback, use an autoresponder that sends after-order emails to people who purchased your products, asking whether they are pleased & encouraging them to leave a review. Strategically, it is very efficient as they will be gladdened that you are checking them.

How do I leverage JumpSend?

Giveaways & promotions

Create giveaways for your offerings on forums (Quora, Reddit), group texts like Whatsapp & Telegram, & blogs. A marketplace exists on the platform with 100,000+ prospective customers expecting that you publish your order. Additionally, JumpSend safeguards seller inventory by controlling the buyer from over-purchasing. This helps when spliting stocks.

Scoring more amazon reviews

Organic and natural rankings can be a tall order on the market. Jumpsend Skyrockets review-getting by bolstering customers’ overall experience. Buyers are targeted automatically when order delivery has been complete. Jumpsend provides 4 types of prompts to send auto-mails:

  1. After a buyer has bought the item
  2. After item has been item
  3. After item has been delivered
  4. After buyer has initiated reimbursement

How Launch is different from JumpSend

Launch (Jungle Scout-owned) and JumpSend runs as two disparate platforms from the one brand. Both systems were merged in 2019, and all accounts where integrated with success.

Pricing on JumpSend

JumpSend offers a broad array of paid packages so users to enjoy a personalized experience for their Amazon business. These price points are largely dependent on whether you opt for per annum or Month-long plans:

Starter plan – offers a three-product limit at $29 each month or $228 each year

Entrepreneur plan – offers ten-product limit for $59 each month and $468 each year

Business plan – sets a 25-product limit at $99 each month and $828 each year

Enterprise plan – sets 100-product limit at $199 each month or $1668 each year

Final thoughts

JumpSend has garnered popularity for all the right reasons. The platform comes at a reasonable fee, making it suitable for sellers that are budget-conscious. Jumpsend allows customization of emails with templates with which you can add your brand’s logo, as well as customer name and data, fostering high engagement level for prospective buyers.


Is there a free-trial option?

JumpSend offers a free-trial that last three days. While it is a short-span period, it avails you of ample opportunity to test-run an item and rake in some sales.

Can I register my account on Jump Send website?

It is possible to link your Amazon account with Jumpsend to gain unlimited access to the platform’s offerings.

How do I cancel my account?

Terminate your Jumpsend account by heading toward plan settings, clicking “cancel account” button in red for account deletion.

meta description: Find out how to make Amazon business run automatic with this comprehensive JumpSend review. Sites like JumpSend helps to launch promotions and win greater Amazon feedback.


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