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What to Sell on Amazon - Finding Profitable Products

26-Wednesday-02-2020 02:52

So here you are, ready to set up your Amazon account and start selling. It goes without saying, you have hopes for high earnings and broad business perspectives. What do you need to know now? The most crucial question is what to sell on Amazon. Kicking off the new initiative is never easy, but if you have in mind a bunch of professional tips and some additional information, it will make the whole process smoother and more pleasurable.

best items to sell on amazon

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

As we know, the list of products to sell on Amazon is almost never-ending. Knowing that, it’s easy to become confused and make intuitive choices that are not necessarily leading to financial success. Fortunately, various statistics know the game and are able to specify the best things to sell on Amazon. Let’s check them out! 

Clothing and accessories

People will always be crazy about clothing shopping. Buying clothes with home shipment is usually at lower prices than in the store. That's only one of the reasons why online market will overtake traditional sales.  

Cosmetics, hair and skin care

This group is jam-packed, but among many things to sell on Amazon, a spare place for cosmetics is surely available. It's best to set your eye on the quality of your cosmetics if you want to stand out from the crowd. 


What to sell on Amazon to make money? Nowadays, nothing is more needed than electronics. In this category, Amazon's products rule the market, having the majority of items for sale of its own production.

what can i sell on amazon

Health, nutrition, supplements

In the infinite search for the best health products, sooner or later we will end up on Amazon. That's not surprising! Each of us will have a health issue at least once in our lives, and looking for the best resources online is not a crime! 

Home Decor and garden

Another sort of necessary product. Arranging the most beautiful home and the garden looks come with some effort, but each of us is willing to put it into needed shopping, and later brag about the best visual outcome. 

Toys and games

Be smart and check out what actually sells on the market. We all know that kids make a huge, influential part of society. Video, games, and toys online are picking up some serious steam lately.


Still wondering what to sell on Amazon? Among many popular options, this one is sure, knowing that dogs are humans best friends. Pets' food, toys, and others will keep being popular, and the market needs good products, so feel invited to share novelties to Amazon's marketplace. 

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon - 3 Steps 

Make good money on Amazon with these three steps. Setting up your Amazon account is not all, you still need to overcome many struggles with the efficiency of sales. Finding the right product is one of them. Best products to sell on Amazon are at hand. Do your homework well, because increasing your revenue will be a result.

  1. Do your research on Amazon Using IO Scout Product research tool . This one can be conducted manually. 
  2. Can you see a gap in the market? Use it to enter with power!
  3. Find products with low competition. If the market is already saturated, you won't be as successful.

Final Thoughts

How to efficiently browse an online reality and figure out what's the best option for a good sale on Amazon? To enter the best niche, and, first of all, find out what to sell on Amazon, you'll need to do the necessary research. It's worth paying attention to this initial phase, it can provide the best foundation for your business online.

Make Money on Amazon

22-Saturday-02-2020 03:16

Gone are the days when people worried when they wanted to buy something, Nowadays, all you have to do is get on Amazon where you can find almost everything. There is no gainsaying that Amazon is home to a wide variety of products, and no matter what you're selling or buying, there is a category for you. This makes Amazon a fantastic platform for sellers. Another important question that however arises from this is how to make money from Amazon as a seller.

While there are several opportunities to make money selling money on Amazon, maximizing these opportunities require that you know how to make money selling on amazon. Once you get the knowledge you need to get started on Amazon, you get the chance to make money right from the comfort of your home.

Millions of buyers would get to see your product, and with time, you focus on selling the most profitable products. This article would help you find the best ways to make money on Amazon.

Ways to Make Money on Amazon

You may think that it's too hard to start selling on Amazon because you don't understand anything about how it works. In fact, the platform offers more options than only an entrepreneur's path. Read on and learn some new ways to earn money here.

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1.     Sell Things Through Amazon

Amazon offers two basic plans for sellers on its platform: Individual and Professional plans. Both plans cost sellers, although the rates and methods of payment are different. For the Individual plan, you only have to pay $0.99 on every sale you make while the Professional package requires that you pay $39.99 monthly. Once you're done with choosing the seller's plan you want, you can then go on to creating a list of products you want to sell on Amazon.

When choosing what to sell on Amazon, it is important to also consider possible preferences of buyers apart from your preferences. It would be best if you also considered other factors like the associated fees with selling your product and existing competition. This would help you come up with the right business decision.

The Amazon FBA Program

For new sellers, one thing you should look out for on Amazon is the Amazon FBA program. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program simply helps sellers handle storage, shipping, and other logistics worries associated with a product. It, however, comes at a cost to sellers, so you might want to carry out necessary calculations to ensure you get the optimal profit from your sale.

The Amazon FBA program has over 100 warehouses in the United States. All you have to do is send your products to the assigned center, and Amazon staff would take care of everything else.

     i.        Private Label Products

One of the advantages of FBA is that it makes it easier to sell private label products. A private label is the process of manufacturing an already existing item, sometimes with modifications, and putting your brand identity materials on it for sale. The process is sometimes referred to as brand-creation or white-labeling.

Private labeling practices have been around for decades, but for individuals, the FBA program makes it much easier as it offers you packaging and storage services.      

     ii.        Selling Wholesale products

Just like with private labels, you can also choose to sell quantities in bulk quantities to other companies who might want to go ahead to brand and sell the items at the retail level. A lot of sellers on Amazon use this option as it removes expenses relating to manufacturing and branding.

2.     Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Another way to earn with amazon, especially writers, is through the Amazon Kindle direct publishing. The program allows writers to publish their books on Amazon by offering them publishing services.

These publishing services are not only limited to publishing in digital formats as you can also print hard copy paperbacks using the Amazon CreateSpace platform. The only important point to note about this process is that ultimately, the success of your book depends primarily on you as a writer and the reception of your work.

Writers, using Kindle, can make up to $40,000 on Amazon Kindle Direct publishing.

3.     Join the Amazon Delivery Service

Another approach to making money on Amazon is through the Amazon delivery service. Amazon also offers the opportunity to join its delivery fleet as a driver. Interestingly, you can earn as high as $10,000 when starting.

There are several other ways to earn from amazon, from flipping store-bought product to blogging reviews and shopping guides. If you are looking for an opportunity that allows you to work from home, learning one of these many ways about how to make money with amazon might just come in handy.

Top 5 Jungle Scout Alternatives

20-Thursday-02-2020 01:09

free jungle scout alternative

Amazon is an amazing online store where you can make a lot of profits. As a matter of fact, it houses about 244 million active users. This is to say that there are other users who aren't active. This makes it even much better to sell products. As a result of people's trust in the Amazon services, it turned out to be one of the most visited online market stores in the world.

With all these stats mentioned above, it is indeed a great place to sell products and earn profits. As there are many buyers, there are also many sellers, which makes it very competitive. Another thing that makes it even harder to achieve success is that different sellers may sell a particular product. So if you are a new seller on Amazon, it may be very difficult to gain popularity and achieve great sales on Amazon.

Don’t give up just yet! To achieve success, on Amazon, there are specific tools that can give you an edge over your competitors. I call them the cheat tools. These tools can help you determine some things quickly, devise a good sales strategy, and improve your sales in the long run. Try IO Scout chrome extension for Amazon and find your bestseller. One of the most popular amazon tools is Jungle Scout Alternative 

Jungle Scout is a product research tool that cuts across the FBA industry. It offers many features that include the provision of information on Amazon products. I am glad to say that there are several alternatives. We managed to collate above 10 of them. Below are the top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives.




3. HELIUM 10



AMZ Scout

This is the first tool similar to Jungle scout on our list, which can help Amazon Sellers achieve success as regards increased sales and profit.

AMZ scope comes into two forms. It can be used as browser extension or an application. This particular tool assists Amazon sellers to make the right decision via the different information it offers.

AMZ Scout enables sellers to locate products and make use of the data found on those products to keep track of their sales.

Talking about its pricing, AMZ scout costs about $44 per month. Also, before using, it allows you to test run for 15 times. It is an incredible tool with about 87% accuracy that can serve as an alternative for Jungle Scout.

IO Scout

Scope is a free online management tool that allows users to carry out in-depth research about products, high ranking keywords, and statistical information that will help improve sales on Amazon. It is an amazing tool for Amazon users with over 27,000 users.

With scope chrome extension, you don’t need to leave Amazon’s interface before using it. It is simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is download the extension and add it to your chrome browser.

This fantastic tool helps you keep track of your transactions, compare with other competitors in your niche, and make necessary decisions that help increase your sales on Amazon. IO Scout provide free Amazon sales estimator and FBA calculator.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is another tool that provides about 96% accurate data for Amazon users. It is a chrome extension that offers several features that make managing your Amazon sales better and easier.

What intrigues about this tool is that you have the chance to use it for about 50 times without paying a dime. It is also one of the cheapest online retail tools as far as amazon is concerned. Many

Amazon users love to use this tool because of its pricing and offering. Helium 10 keeps including newly updated features without charging more from their users. It costs about $17 monthly.

Viral Launch

The market is usually dynamic. One minute a product is a top-selling product; in the next minute, it is another. So there is a need always to be updated on what is trending in the market. The viral launch is another amazon tool that allows Amazon sellers to do quality product searches and find products that can bring more profits to the table. It offers several features, which include market intelligent tools, five-star rating system, keyword manager, listing builder, and so on.

Unicorn Smasher

This is a chrome extension tool that can serve as an incredible alternative to Jungle Scout. It was designed as a fantastic tracker tool to keep track of your products with several metrics. Within a few seconds, you have access to useful information (such as ratings, pricing, and so on) that can help you improve your sales on Amazon. However, Unicorn Smasher is a great tool for beginners in the sales business. It is a free alternative to Jungle Scout and can be added to the chrome browser. 


Never neglect the use of tools because they can help achieve your goals quickly. We have successfully mentioned about five incredible alternative tools to Jungle Scout web page. I will advise you to check each of these tools and select the best for you.

How to Sell Books on Amazon - A Step-by-Step Guide

13-Thursday-02-2020 09:53

selling used books on amazon

Amazon may be the largest retail online store in the world today, but Jeff  Bezos  originally started out by operating the “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore” from his garage until Amazon started in 1994, and sold books exclusively until 1999.

Selling books online is continually proving to be an amazing way to make some more cash. You can rid yourself of all that book clutter by selling them off instead of throwing them away, and pass on those books too valuable to be thrown away to others. Amazon offers a wide range of  book selling  opportunities, including the sale of new books! It can provide a steady source of income and reach your personal books need. No matter the circumstance, it’s a win-win situation!

Why Amazon?

Easy Access

selling books to amazon

It’s no news that not many people know that  a large number of  Amazon’s sales are made by third-party sellers and not by Amazon itself. In fact, CEO Jeff  Bezos  admitted that third-party sellers were responsible for most of the profit made in 2017. Good news! Most of these sellers sell books! With book sales skyrocketing daily (everyone just wants to find that particular book or read nowadays), selling books on Amazon gives the push you need to kick start your  eCommerce  business with very little investment!

Best Seller Rankings

how to sell books on amazon

Sale on Amazon is characterized by a Best Seller Ranking(BSR) Index. All it takes is one sale and you’re ready to fly! The Best Seller Ranking on a book determines the number of sales the book would make.

This means if your book is ranked as #1 on BSR, you could make millions of sales in a    day! However, if it is ranked much higher, say with a BSR of 3 million, it would probably take weeks, or even months to make just one sale.

In essence, work smart. Bestselling Books on Amazon yield a great amount of profit. The lower your book’s BSR, the greater the chance of making quick sales.

Sourcing: Smart Work - Amazing Profits!

amazon sell back books

If you’re going to hit it big in online book sales, you must master the art of sourcing. The most profit is made by those sellers who are highly creative (spontaneous, outside the box thinking). If you work hard, you’d probably hit gold a few times enough to satisfy you, but working smart avails endless possibilities!

Rather than rely on just well-known sources of book sourcing like garage sales, thrift stores, auctions, etc., do something out of the blue. You never know what you might dig up, and at almost no cost too!

Amazon! How?

#1: Make An Inventory

selling used books on amazon

Before you start out on Amazon, you must exploit some sourcing methods and create a book inventory. Since you don't just want to sell one or two books, you have to create a large enough inventory that will still leave a satisfactory amount of profit after deducting shipping fees and other costs. This way, you increase your chances of making faster and quicker sales at a lower cost. It’s efficient and highly profitable.

#2: Create An Amazon Seller Account

how to sell books on amazon

Amazon offers different types of seller accounts for its sellers:

• Professional Seller

• Individual Seller

The difference between these two accounts lies in the charges applied. While a professional seller has to pay an amount monthly to trade ($39.95 monthly), individual accounts are free but a price is charged on each sale made ($1.00 per unit). Basically, it is cheaper to open a professional account if you think you’re going to sell many books monthly (more than 40 units of books).

#3: Book Listings

sell books to amazon

After creating your seller account, you can then proceed to list the books you have available for sale. Your inventory listing can either be scanned in automatically, but you might also decide to list in your inventory manually. This way, you can also check the conditions for each book. Amazon provides for a number of conditions which books can be listed as:

• New

• Used — Like New

• Used — Very Good

• Used — Good

• Used — Acceptable

You should know that it is very important to check the appropriate condition which your book is in, to avoid bad reviews upon sale and delivery. Book conditions also determine the price points assigned to each book. Naturally, a used (very good) book would cost more than a used (acceptable) one.

#4: Let People Know!

Sell Books on Amazon

It is important to get the word out there! Using social media to publicize your online venture offers it the opportunity for sales to kick off faster. Rather than just using social media accounts to catch up on old friends and family members, promote the books you’re selling and watch your sales go through the roof!

Selling books on Amazon is not as complicated as it looks. With the right tips, the process of selling even used books on Amazon becomes fairly easy, compared to when one does not have the right information surrounding retail arbitrage.


What is the cost to sell used books on Amazon?

Amazon charges a $1.80 closing fee on all of their media items. Books are also included in this category. You also need to take note of Seller Central fees, whether you’re an individual or professional seller. Individual sellers are charged $1.00 on each item sold. On the other hand, professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 and are exempted from per-sale fees.

Can books be sold on Amazon for free?

Only books sold through Amazon Advantage can be sold free. Author Central allows books to be sold free to customers on Amazon Prime. These books are free from shipping costs and are based on customer demand.

Can books be sold back to Amazon?

You can sell books back to Amazon through Amazon’s Trade-In Program. Eligible items are traded back into the market for an Amazon Gift Card.

Jumpsend Review : the proven Amazon tool that will jumpstart your brand

10-Monday-02-2020 11:49

So you just launched a great new product at a decent price, say $20 but no sales and no feedback comments. Worse, you are facing lots of competition around the same price point. How does one get natural revenue in right away and win feedback to keep revenue coming? JumpSend is the answer. In May 2019, JumpSend became incorporated into Jungle Scout & was renamed “Launch.” Time to take an incisive look at the perky offerings that JumpSend Amazon holds.

What is JumpSend?

JumpSend is a program that helps amazon sellers generate more revenue in sales through the use of promotional codes and discounts, enabling them to win more favorable feedback and poor feedback to generate more sales.


Jumpsend: What are its features?

JumpSend has two features. One is a launching platform for disbursing coupons and driving sales to your amazon product, while the other is an email autoresponder, which integrates with Amazon Seller Central to automate your amazon emails. Both features provide immense value and that is why JumpSend commands a broad user base.

Taking a deep dive into how to unlock the full potential of JumpSend, JumpSend has a market constituting an existing Amazon customer base of 100, 000+ customers hustling, bustling, and rampaging for deals. They usually search and screen deals by price, discount ratio, and search term, or classification, ultimately striking a great bargain in the end. JumpSend then assists and ensure that the item remains profitable by communicating with the buyer, by means of autoresponder to heighten your chances of getting a review. So, to take on big-name sellers and rake higher revenues using JumpSend, you may:

  1. Do Facebook ads to send people to your itemlisting
  2. Do Amazon ads to send buyers to your item listing
  3. Do promos or give-aways online

Leveraging JumpSend for better feedback, use an autoresponder that sends after-order emails to people who purchased your products, asking whether they are pleased & encouraging them to leave a review. Strategically, it is very efficient as they will be gladdened that you are checking them.

How do I leverage JumpSend?

Giveaways & promotions

Create giveaways for your offerings on forums (Quora, Reddit), group texts like Whatsapp & Telegram, & blogs. A marketplace exists on the platform with 100,000+ prospective customers expecting that you publish your order. Additionally, JumpSend safeguards seller inventory by controlling the buyer from over-purchasing. This helps when spliting stocks.

Scoring more amazon reviews

Organic and natural rankings can be a tall order on the market. Jumpsend Skyrockets review-getting by bolstering customers’ overall experience. Buyers are targeted automatically when order delivery has been complete. Jumpsend provides 4 types of prompts to send auto-mails:

  1. After a buyer has bought the item
  2. After item has been item
  3. After item has been delivered
  4. After buyer has initiated reimbursement

How Launch is different from JumpSend

Launch (Jungle Scout-owned) and JumpSend runs as two disparate platforms from the one brand. Both systems were merged in 2019, and all accounts where integrated with success.

Pricing on JumpSend

JumpSend offers a broad array of paid packages so users to enjoy a personalized experience for their Amazon business. These price points are largely dependent on whether you opt for per annum or Month-long plans:

Starter plan – offers a three-product limit at $29 each month or $228 each year

Entrepreneur plan – offers ten-product limit for $59 each month and $468 each year

Business plan – sets a 25-product limit at $99 each month and $828 each year

Enterprise plan – sets 100-product limit at $199 each month or $1668 each year

Final thoughts

JumpSend has garnered popularity for all the right reasons. The platform comes at a reasonable fee, making it suitable for sellers that are budget-conscious. Jumpsend allows customization of emails with templates with which you can add your brand’s logo, as well as customer name and data, fostering high engagement level for prospective buyers.


Is there a free-trial option?

JumpSend offers a free-trial that last three days. While it is a short-span period, it avails you of ample opportunity to test-run an item and rake in some sales.

Can I register my account on Jump Send website?

It is possible to link your Amazon account with Jumpsend to gain unlimited access to the platform’s offerings.

How do I cancel my account?

Terminate your Jumpsend account by heading toward plan settings, clicking “cancel account” button in red for account deletion.

meta description: Find out how to make Amazon business run automatic with this comprehensive JumpSend review. Sites like JumpSend helps to launch promotions and win greater Amazon feedback.


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